Enoggera boys' home

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THE annual meeting of the Boys’ Home, Enoggera, took place in the large dining room of the building on Thursday afternoon, September 29th [ 1927 ].

His Excellency the Governor (Sir John Goodwin) [ Thomas Herbert John Goodwin ] presided, and was attended by the official secretary (Mr. F. Ryder) [ Frank Ryder ], His Grace Archbishop Sharp [ Gerald Sharp ], Dean De Witt Batty [ Francis de Witt Batty ], Canon Garland [ David John Garland ], and Rev. E. Barstow [ Edgar Barstow ] were also present.

It was interesting to hear from the hon. secretary (Rev. Arthur Harold Osborn) that the number of subscribers to the home had doubled during the past year.

A guard of honour was formed in the grounds by the boys who were inmates of the home, and on the arrival and departure of His Excellency gave him three hearty cheers.

His Excellency in a brief speech, stated that from the look of the boys they were both happy and healthy, and congratulated the committee, matron, and superintendent on the manner in which the home was conducted.

During the afternoon tea and home-made cakes were served to the visitors by the members of the committee in the dining room, which looked gay and festive with draped bunting and Union Jacks, as well as countless vases filled with choice flowers.

The special attraction in the room was a long table, on which were arranged bunches of carrots, beetroot, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflowers, butter, eggs, beans, etc., all the product of the garden of “the home”, grown by the boys under the superintendent, which must be a wonderful saving in the weekly household bills.

Included among the large gathering of visitors were: Mesdames E.G. Blume (president) [ Florence Lucy Blume, neé Craven ] Mrs. A. Cole (vice-president), Rev. W.P.B. Miles (hon. treasurer) [ William Phillip Burill Miles ], A.P. Lloyd [ Arthur Pearce Lloyd ], W. Arkell [ William Arkell ], Walker, C.W. Tomkins, Miles (members of committee); Mesdames A.H. Osborn [ Cordelia Mary Osborn ], S. Cross, H.B. Robinson, M. O’Mara, C. Gittins, J.F. Cole [ James Fred Cole ], J.H. Davis [ James Herbert Davis ], F. Birchley, E. Clough [ Evelyn Clough ], C.F. Swaffer , Hugh Campbell, McCorkindale, R.T. Jones, Dr. A.C. Halford [ Alfred Charles Frederick Halford ] and Mrs. Halford [ Nora Halfordneé Fitzgerald], Misses D.M. Cole and Norma O’Mara [ Norma Lucy O’Mara ].

After tea Miss Feo Todd [ Lily Feo Todd ] received unstinted applause for her very enjoyable recitations.

Mrs. E.G. Blume (president) asked Mrs. Ryder [ Emily Maud Ryderneé Harry ] to present to Lady Goodwin a bouquet of blue and gold lupins tied with blue and gold satin ribbon, the gift of the committee.

PICTURED ABOVE: In its 29 November 1930 issue (page 9), “Queensland Figaro” ran an illustrated feature story about the 40th annual report of the Boys’ Home at Enoggera, and ran these two photos of the exterior and interior of the facility. The report said “every child is taught to be industrious, clean and tidy in his habits, also well mannered. No destitute child s ever turned away…”

– from page 5 of “Queensland Figaro” of 8 October 1927.