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Welcome to the website of the Canon Garland Memorial Society Incorporated (the “CGMS”), a community-based, not-for-profit group established in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on a volunteer basis.

On Friday, 22 April 2016, Canon Garland Memorial – ANZAC Day Origins was officially unveiled, dedicated and handed over to the People of the City of Brisbane in a ceremony at Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park, heralding Centenary of ANZAC Day commemorations.

Having achieved the primary mission of building the Memorial, the Society has considered that, given the public benefit of Canon Garland’s broad range of community involvement, there was significant merit in broadening the Society’s focus to:

  • Increase public awareness about the Memorial and the Origins of ANZAC Day.
  • Highlight Canon Garland’s lifetime of service to the community and how it fostered social cohesion in Australia.

The Society continues to work on new projects that focus on the above objectives.

Check out The Memorial Project tab (above) and when we have them coming up, an Events! tab will appear across the top of each page you view. For anything else, please follow our journey on Facebook and Twitter.

The CGMS has broadened its inaugural mission statement in the hope of inspiring more citizens to positively contribute to their community by drawing inspiration from Canon Garland’s example of perseverance, tenacity, faith and service to others before self.

You can join us on this Mission, by becoming a Member of the Society, or by supporting us with a donation. Maybe you can come along to one of upcoming concerts.

You’d be most welcome!

The mission objectives the CGMS set itself back in July 2013 were simple:

  • To honour the pivotal role David John Garland played in the formation of ANZAC Day as a national day of solemn public commemoration of The Fallen of the Great War;
  • To foster public awareness about the origins of ANZAC Day itself;
  • To publicly honour Canon Garland’s outstanding contribution to the community in time of war and peace.

CGMS hopes that you will take a few moments to browse this website’s growing catalogue of posts about Canon Garland’s extraordinary career and his singular contribution to the creation of ANZAC Day, perhaps Australia’s most revered tradition.