70th birthday gathering

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CANON D.J. Garland [ David John Garland ], one of the most active figures in the Church of England and public affairs in Brisbane, celebrated his 70th birthday last week, and he received congratulations and acknowledgments of his work at a gathering at St. Barnabas’ [ Anglican Church ] Hall [ Waterworks Road, Red Hill ].

Appreciation of a friendship with Canon Garland was expressed by the Home Secretary (Mr. Hanlon) [ Edward Michael (“Ned”) Hanlon ].

Canon Garland’s advice and assistance were invaluable to men in public life, he said.

At 70, Canon Garland had the heart, the spirit, and the courage of a man of 30 or 40.

Their rector had been like a father to them in his 15 years in the parish, said Mr. H. Low [ Harold Low, MM ], who presided.

Mr. E.W. Hughes [ Eric William Hughes ] said that the parishioners were proud of their rector, who was known throughout Queensland and the Commonwealth and overseas.

It was gratifying to know that his work had recently been recognised by the King.

The size of the gathering, said Mr. R.J. Morris [ Robert John Morris ], indicated the popularity of Canon Garland.

“This is a birthday party for the old man,” said Canon Garland, “and naturally he is touched by the presence of his family around him and, perhaps, a little embarrassed by the presence of visitors.”

Canon Garland added that one great change he had seen in Queensland was the removal of the Government’s disinclination to help missionary work.

It was an example of harmonious working of Church and State.

Canon Garland was at one time a resident of Grafton, where he is well-known.

— from page 2 of “The Daily Examiner” (Grafton, New South Wales) of 10 October 1934.

PICTURED ABOVE: Three generations of Garland men – (from left) David James Garland (10 March 1896 to 18 September 1970), his son, Kelvin David Garland (1927 to 10 April 2012) and the Reverend Canon David John Garland OBE (4 October 1864 to 9 October 1939). This studio portrait was taken when Canon Garland was in his late 60s.