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LIEUTENANT-COLONEL Chaplain D.J. Garland, V.D., [ David John Garland ] returned to Brisbane last night [ 10 September 1919 ] after nearly two years’ service with the A.I.F. in Egypt, Palestine and Syria.

He was looking very well.

In course of conversation, he paid tribute to the great work accomplished by the Australian Light Horse, and remarked that the numbers engaged on the west Front and the colossal operations there carried out had had a tendency to overshadow the brilliant work of the Australians in Palestine.

He said that their great drives which swept over Syria were the most wonderful thing of their kind in military history.

In fact, the enemy could not believe that the Light Horse had travelled overland.

He defended the Australians from suggestions that they were not amenable to discipline, and he had a word of praise for the Australian Comforts’ Fund, remarking that, the boys could not have done without it at the Front, and on the transports.

Special receptions are being prepared for Canon Garland.

— from page 2 of “The Telegraph” (Brisbane) of 11 September 1919.

PICTURED ABOVE: Men of the Australian Light Horse on manoeuvres somewhere on the Palestine/Syria Front, late in World War I.
Canon Garland was the First AIF’s most senior Church of England chaplain in this theatre for the last two years of the war.