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ABOVE: A batch of First Australian Imperial Force soldiers and nurses mount camels at the start of one of the numerous, impromptu “guided tours” of the ancient sights of the Holy Lands, as organised by Canon Garland soon after he took up his chaplaincy duties in the training camps located not far from the base of the pyramids (outside Cairo) in late 1917. Later, as Senior Chaplain (Church of England) to the AIF in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Padre Garland (like a number of other chaplains) took great delight in leading small parties of Diggers, dignitaries and other off-duty Empire military personnel on tours of places mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Canon Garland (wearing a slouch hat with a distinctly Boer War-style bash) is on the third camel from the right in this photo.

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Excerpt from "Focus" of April-May 2012.

ABOVE: John Austin’s article that appeared in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane’s newspaper, “Focus” in April-May 2012 (page 5), talking about Canon Garland’s legacy at St Barnabas’ Church, Ithaca-Red Hill Parish, on Waterworks Road, Red Hill, Brisbane.

ABOVE: Canon Garland was instrumental in the formation of The Soldiers’ Church of England Help Society. This article appeared in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane’s monthly newspaper, “Focus”, for June-July 2012 (page 5).