Media Coverage

Canon Garland Memorial Society’s scrapbook boasts some gems of awareness-raising along our journey together.  

For media statements issued by the Society, click on Media Releases. Below are links to some of our favourite clippings.

  • The Brisbane Times“Push to remember Brisbane clergyman’s role in Anzac history.” 16 July 2013
  • ABC News, “Architect of Anzac Day remembered in Brisbane service, grave restored.” 19 October 2014
  • Boggo Road Gaol, “The First Anzac Day: Canon David John Garland.” 14 October 2014
  • Honest History“…John A. Moses talks about Garland here, also touching on aspects of Anzac commemoration generally. The modern website of the Anzac Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland, of which Garland was the original driving force and secretary, is here. There is a brief history of the Committee. A Canon Garland Memorial Society has been established in Queensland to fund, design and build a memorial to him…” 2015
  • Anglican Church Southern Queensland, what’s in store at the Diocesan Archives. For the Reverend Dr John A. Moses’s 2017 address at St John’s Cathedral about some of Brisbane’s Great War chaplains.
  • Anglican Church Southern Queensland, A book that tells the story of the last flag flown at Anzac Cove, which is on permanent display in St John’s Cathedral, was recently launched by Governor Paul de Jersey AC. 19 December 2018